About Us

St. Louis based, Formula 3 is an online store that is all about developing trends and styles that are comfortable and affordable for everyone.  The name Formula3 came from my children (2 boys and 1 girl), they have multiple personalities and they all have different vibes that work off of each other. Although they have different vibes, they all work together in most cases, with being comfortable in their clothing. I developed the idea of Formula3 because its not always in my budget to find quality clothing for a good price. Noticing how pricy buying quality clothing was (not only for me but for the entire family) stressful. I decided to make a way to keep the fashion and save me money in the process. Making a way to save money while remaining fashionable became my main goal. My mission is to provide unique styles for children, women, and men to create their fashion identity and display their confidence. We provide custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers (jogging sets as well),  and BPA Free water bottles. I carefully select our styles to have the best quality, style, and finesse. 

 This Formula- No Stir, Jus DRIP!
 -Arlisa Powell


-Arlisa Powell

CEO/ Founder 

Formula3 StL